sabato 24 ottobre 2015

Waiting for Day One: -8 (Part I)

So, my e-mail box and whatsapp kept getting pictures all night. Now I am speachless. If I posted just two pictures a day, like I did in the past days, I could go on for weeks!
Since November 1st is not weeks ahead, and since you'll probably send even more pictures, prepare yourselves to admire plenty of wonderful skies!

Today I want to share a picture that my facebook friend Sandra took last summer. Can I be partial? I LOVE this picture! She was in Röskö, Finland.

I feel like I've swallowed a cloudy sky.
[Haruki Murakami]

Sandra - Röskö - July 2015

Last winter I took a picture of a cloudy sky in Berlin. A storm was coming and it was very windy.

Chiara - Berlin - Winter 2015 - Early afternoon

And talking about cloudy skies: see this one, taken by Marisa in the countryside around Mantua , in Italy! 

Marisa - Near Mantua

My friend Monica is currently in the USA and it looks like they have clouds, too.

Monica - Massachussets - October, 23rd 2015

Monica - Vermont - October, 22nd 2015 - Sunset

And did you know there are clouds also in Southern Italy? Laura was there boarding a plane yesterday and sent in this picture!

Laura - Brindisi - October 23rd 2015 - Sunset

On the contrary, it appears yesterday was a very cloudless day in Asiago. See the picture that Enrica sent in!

I never get tired of the blue sky! 
[Vincent Van Gogh]

Enrica - Asiago - October 23rd 2015 - 11.30 am

I'll be back later today with more pictures! You just keep sending them! Happy Sky to everbody :)

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