mercoledì 18 novembre 2015

Day Eighteen

You can only come to the morning 
through the shadows.
[J.R.R. Tolkien]

I thought of the quote by Tolkien this morning. Then I thought about having breakfast. Having breakfast seemed like a very good idea.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 7.00 am
Marisa, as usual, expresses her soul's poetry best through pictures. Here's a note floating through spider webs of grey.  

Marisa - Roverbella, Mantua, Italy - 7.26 am
Gaia didn't forget to submit her own personal grey morning sky. Thanks Gaia!

Gaia - Trieste, Italy - 8.10 am
Gabriella sends us a picture of the black sky over the olive tree standing in her garden, and wishes us all Peace and Love

Gabriella - Sanremo, Imperia, Italy - 8.18 am
And a beautiful dawn on the sea!

Gabriella - Sanremo, Imperia, Italy - 8.18 am

Celenia looked at the grey sky above her head and wasn't cheered up by the weather forecast saying it is going to be like that for a few more days. Remember these words of wisdom, Celenia: It can't rain all the time! [The Crow]

Celenia - Empoli, Florence, Italy - 8.30 am
It can be hard to believe, but I never fell off the step board at the gym, today. I performed greatly. And I also pedaled upwind all the way back home.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 11.11 am
Gabriella spotted a glimpse of blue sky among the clouds.

Gabriella - Lecce, Italy - 12.11 pm
Thw wind was strong today, and the sky over Berlin kept changing.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 12.30 pm

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 12.30 pm
Monica noticed it, as well
Monica - Berlin, Germany - 1.00 pm
It was very windy also in Trieste, says Benedetta.

Benedetta - Trieste, Italy - 3.40 pm
I spotted a plane flying up high.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 4.15 pm
Celenia sent a picture of the sky over the Tuscan countryside.

Celenia - Tuscan countryside - 4.27 pm
Enrica decided to try a new thing today, and photographed the fog! I think I'm spotting a ghost behind the veil, what do you think?

Enrica - Asiago, Vicenza, Italy - 5.34 pm
And so, after all the clouds, the wind, the fog, the olive tree, the note, the plane, and the sea, Day 18 is over. Have a good night!

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