domenica 15 novembre 2015

Day Fifteen

And another week-end is over.
No matter what we have seen, witnessed, thought, felt... the sky is always up there, linking us all together.

Maria looked out the window - or at least she tried. Talk about fog.

Maria - Chieri, Turin, Italy - 9.00 am
Around me the sky was just slightly more clear.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 9.50 am
Gabriella went for a walk through a pine grove, and then along the beach. While she was walking, she thought about the tragic events of these days, and a poem by the Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli came to her mind.

"E tu, Cielo, dall'alto dei mondi
sereni, infinito, immortale, 
oh! d'un pianto di stelle lo inondi
quest'atomo opaco del male!"

"And you, heaven, from on high, above the worlds, 
serene, infinte, immortal,
Oh, with a single lament of the stars,
you flood this opaque atom of evil."
[Giovanni Pascoli]

Gabriella - San Cataldo, Lecce, Italy - 10.36 am
Gabriella - San Cataldo, Lecce, Italy - 10.50 am
Celenia walked through a Sunday market with her husband and their little child.

Celenia - Empoli, Florence, Italy - 11.26 am
Emanuela's cousin Yasmin took some pictures of the sky in Innsbruck.

Yasmin - Innsbruck, Austria - 12.20 pm
Yasmin - Innsbruck, Austria - 12.20 pm
Yasmin - Innsbruck, Austria - 12.20 pm
And Rosita, a dear friend of Emanuela's who was in Paris, wanted to pay tribute to the lives that were cut short less than 48 hours ago. This ray of light is for them.

Rosita - Paris, France - 1.18 pm
In Trieste, Gaia looked at the sky and thought: Should I take a picture? Or could I just re-use one of those I took in the past few days? It is always the same!
She decided to take a brand-new one. Well done, Gaia! The sky is always the same, but it also always new!

Gaia - Trieste, Italy - 1.50 pm
At about the same moment, I was looking out the window. Yes, again. I didn't go out, today, I was busy at home.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 1.54 pm
Yasmin sent another picture from Innsbruck.

Yasmin - Innsbruck, Austria - 3.19 pm
And Gabriella thought of us before rolling down the blinds.

Gabriella - Lecce, Italy - 4.38 pm

Enrica happily documented for us the beautiful sunset that was unfolding over her head. Thanks Enrica!

Enrica - Asiago, Vicenza, Italy - 4.49 pm

Enrica - Asiago, Vicenza, Italy - 4.49 pm

Enrica - Asiago, Vicenza, Italy - 4.50 pm

Enrica - Asiago, Vicenza, Italy - 4.52 pm

Enrica - Asiago, Vicenza, Italy - 4.52 pm
Celenia took another picture of the sky, and her husband said it was a sky ready to snow. The temperatures aren't low enough, though.

Celenia - Empoli, Florence, Italy - 5.12 pm
And night fell, as Marisa was prompt to notice. She says: All is silent, and this streetlamp sheds light and warmth.

Marisa - Roverbella, Mantua, Italy - 6.09 pm

I wish you all a good night, full of coloured dreams. May you all wake up tomorrow full of hope and love



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  1. Ma allora non era grigio ovunque! Grazie per avermi fatto rivedere cieli poco nuvolosi! :D

    1. ^_^ È stato un piacere!

    2. Gaia... cieli azzurri in cambio di un po di mare quando vuoi ^^