lunedì 30 novembre 2015

Day Thirty

The night walked down the sky
With the moon in her hand.
[Frederick L. Knowles]

It has been awfully windy last night, and this morning the sky was clear and perfect. It was dark, as well, but I tried to capture an image of the moon shining through the branches of the tallest tree behind my house nonetheless.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 6.48 am
ENRICA was up early, and took a picture of this soft sky just a few minutes before dawn.

Enrica - Asiago, Vicenza, Italy - 7.16 am
The moon was moving, and I followed her.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 7.18 am
Emanuela was driving her daughter, VIOLA, to school, and the little girl proudly took pictures of the morning sky.

Viola - Cervia, Ravenna, Italy - 7.48 am
CELENIA thought the sky today was really special.

Celenia - Empoli, Florence, Italy - 10.03 am

Celenia - Empoli, Florence, Italy - 10.21 am

Celenia - Countryside between Empoli and Castelfiorentino, Florence, Italy - 10.22 am

Celenia - Castelfiorentino, Florence, Italy - 10.30 am
GAIA didn't disclose any confidential information about her job, concerts in the area, or chocolate, today. We'll have to be satisfied just with her pictures!

Gaia - Trieste, Italy - 12.15 pm

Gaia - Trieste, Italy - 12.45 pm

Gaia - Trieste, Italy - 16.00 pm
It was slightly sleeting, as I set off with my son to go to the optician's and order his new glasses.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 4.20 pm
About 1,500 km south, EMANUELA stopped to admire the sunset.

Emanuela - Cervia, Ravenna, Italy - 4.29 pm

Emanuela - Cervia, Ravenna, Italy - 4.48 pm

Before wishing you all a peaceful night, I urge you to go back to Day Twenty Nine and see the last picture, which I only added about half an hour ago. It's stunning!

AND we have an addition: Patrizia's Day 30 in Rome!

Patrizia - Rome, Italy - 7.00 am

Patrizia - Rome, Italy - 7.10 am

Patrizia - Rome, Italy - 4.30 pm

Patrizia - Rome, Italy - 4.45 pm
Patrizia - Rome, Italy - 5.00 pm

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