venerdì 13 novembre 2015

Day Thirteen

Was your Friday a cloudy one? Take heart: you were not alone!

The sky knows 
the reasons and patterns 
behind the clouds.
[Richard Bach]

Marisa was trying to see the sky this morning.

Marisa - Curtatone, Mantua, Italy - 7.52 am
I, too, thought the sky was playing hide-and-seek behind the clouds.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 8.00 am
Gabriella took her daughter to school, and afterwards was rewarded with a beautiful, pink sunrise.

Gabriella - Sanremo, Imperia, Italy - 8.00 am

Gabriella - Sanremo, Imperia, Italy - 8.02 am
Celenia took little Alessandro to nursery school.

Celenia - Empoli, Florence, Italy - 8.47 am
Then went to a coffee bar nearby for breakfast.

Celenia - Empoli, Florence, Italy - 8.52 am
After lunch, she went back for little Ale.

Celenia - Empoli, Florence, Italy - 1.04 pm
But I hear you asking: What about the clouds?
Don't worry! Here they are: I was standing on the platform, waiting for my train, and the sky was being as cloudy as it could be.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 1.40 pm
And Gaia's sky, too.

Gaia - Treiste, Italy - 1.43 pm
I couldn't make up my mind: Should I enter this little bookshop, or should I just stay out here on the street, looking at the clouds?

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 2.45 pm
Six books later the sky looked like this:

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 3.15 pm
Even Emanuela could see nothing beyond a cloudy sky!

Emanuela - Cervia, Ravenna, Italy - 3.49 pm
To say nothing of Irene, who regretted thinking the sun had finally come back!

Irene - Viareggio, Lucca, Italy - 4.10 pm
Marisa always manages to take magical pictures, in spite of any hostile condition.

Marisa - Curtatone, Mantua, Italy - 6.00 pm

Have a good Friday night, don't be afraid of black cats, and remember to look at the sky!

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