giovedì 12 novembre 2015

Day Twelve

I know you're all anxious to know about the fog: Did it stay? Did it go? Where did it go?
Keep calm, and all your questios will be answered!

[...] the horizon bounded by a propitious sky, 
azure, marbled with pearly white. 
[Charlotte Brontë]

Let's start with a beautifully azure sky, photographed by Gabriella.

Gabriella - Lecce, Italy - 7.36 am

At Sanremo, another Gabriella looked up to the sky and saw... an X! Interesting! Might it be that treasures are hidden everywhere, not only at the end of rainbows? We must definitely find out!

Gabriella - Sanremo, Imperia, Italy - 8.00 am
It appears that, at 8.00 am today many of us were with our noses turned up. This is what Marisa saw:

Marisa - Curtatone, Mantua, Italy - 8.00 am
Here's a photo that Irene took, checking out the sky to see whether yesterday's grey fog was still there or not. It was not.

Irene - Viareggio, Lucca - Italy - 8.00 am
The grey sky didn't bother me so much today: I was feeling optimistic and sure that the sun would show its face before night.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 8.00 am
Serena decided to make an experiment today: she took the same picture at four different times of the day. Here's shot No.1.

Serena - Vinci, Florence, Italy - 9.00 am
I was right! See how the sky was clearing up already a couple of hours after my first picture?
... No? Well, just wait, then.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 10.00 am
Gaia said the clouds today were so thick, that one could not believe there was actually a sun behind.

Gaia - Trieste, Italy - 10.45 am

Here's the second experimental picture by Serena:

Serena - Vinci, Florence, Italy - 1.00 pm
And what had I told you? After spending my morning as a Lady-in-waiting for a friend who had to go to the doctor's, I emerged from the Underground and -lo and behold! The sun was there, waiting for me!

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 2.00 pm
And it was a kind of magic, because the clouds in Trieste scattered everywhere, and Gaia was there to welcome the sun!

Gaia - Trieste, Italy - 3.00 pm

Remember that Celenia told us the sky over Empoli was "A Very Sad Grey Sky" yesterday? Well, get this!

Celenia - Empoli, Florence, Italy - 3.24 pm
And after being with my son at the eye doctor's, I finally went back home.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 3.30 pm
Meanwhile, Enrica was enjoying another beautiful day at Asiago.

Enrica - Asiago, Vicenza, Italy - 3.38 pm
I stopped at the supermarket on the way home, and then I couldn't resist the view.

Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 3.45 pm
Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 4.00 pm
Again, at 4.00 many of us looked at the sky. Benedetta did, for example.

Benedetta - Trieste, Italy - 4.00 pm
Our friend Emanuela had enlisted a friend photographer called Luca and made him take a picture for us, today.

Luca - Lago di Caldonazzo, Trento, Italy - 4.00 pm

And to the third picture taken by Serena! Didn't she have the coolest idea?

Serena - VInci, Florence, Italy - 4.40 pm

Enrica had a secret emissary: her brother Edoardo took this wonderful picture in Trento:

Edoardo - Trento, Italy - 5.00 pm
And, to end this beautifully coloured day, we are allowed to admire the picture taken by Marisa: a sunset so precious, it looks like the fairies painted it.

Marisa - Curtatone, Mantua, Italy - 5.15 pm
Then we have the last picture from Serena:

Serena - Vinci, Florence, Italy - 5.15 pm
And at last we have a picture taken by Chiara, who thought of one of Monet's pictures when she saw the sky over her head!

Chiara - Brescello, Reggio Emilia, Italy - 5.20 pm

And tomorrow's friday, my friends! So remember to look up and to take plenty of pictures of your Friday skies!

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  1. Chiara - Berlin, Germany - 4.00 pm
    Questa è fantastica. Ci sono, in due parti, due coppie di punti di luce: sembrano occhietti che scrutano dal buio degli alberi *_*